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Umbril Adwunn by Tazira
Umbril Adwunn
for HomestuckHivebentRP group

Name: Umbril Adwunn

Age: 5 1/2 sweeps

Gender: male

Dream Self: prospit

Title: heir of light

Trollian Handle: demureAdumbrate

Typing Style: starts sentences with o-C <, capitalizes all c’s

Sign/Symbol: umbriel

Strife Specibus: broomstickkind (a broomstick in which he screwed screws into. he can’t afford shit so a diy strife’s gona have to do)

Fetch Modus: orbitmodus(they’re put into hypothetical orbit in his modus at varying speeds and he has to take them out, but sometimes they can be hard to catch B))

Planet: land of steel and twist

Likes: company, quiet areas, shadow puppets, stories and legends, balloons, brave people

Hates: B U G S, dishonesty, crowds, loneliness, things that have no reason

History:    when he was younger, he actually used to be a huge liar, and would often lie to his best friend, neoger lampec. he would lie about little things here and there, and neoger probably knew but didn’t care much. however, once he lied about a much bigger thing, stealing an expensive thing from neoger. neoger had pushed him down, and intimidated him, and told him that although he wouldn’t kill him due to them being best friends, but another highblood would kill him without a second thought. because he was young, this scared the heck out of him, causing him to fear lying to a point where he vowed to never lie again. this also caused him to be clingy to those he trusts for protection, because of his realization that some trolls can and /will/ hurt him. he now repays them for their putting up with his clinginess with loyalty. he ended up becoming moirails with neoger, neoger protecting him and him remaining loyal to him at all costs, and calming eachother when they got upset.

when toront came around and implemented the law that all lowbloods will be enslaved, umbril was captured soon after. once neoger received news of this, he rushed down to the housing cells for captured slaves. not wanting to let his friend go to a horrible life, he bought his friend in basics. however there were times that they had to pretend neoger was a true slave owner, and umbril was harmed a few times. neoger did however treat these wounds, and umbril still remained loyal to his long-standing moiral. he is currently still with neoger, as that is where he is most safe.

Personality: he’s somewhat timid, and can be very clingy to those he trusts due to the past threats and realizations of culling. however, despite this, he is not a negative person in the slightest, always looking at the brighter side of things. he hate’s being negative and he hates when people around him are negative, especially when there’s no real reason for it. he’s very loyal to those he trusts, figuring it’s the least he can do to pay them back for letting him be so clingy. as well as this, he’s very honest and expects the same standards from others, as he hates when people are dishonest, especially if they have no reason to be. he fears dishonesty to an extent, and he doesn’t think it’s fair that other people are able to get away with lying. despite this, however, he doesn’t usually start anything over smaller things, as he sees it as pointless. who’s gonna get in trouble if they say they chewed 10 gumballs at a time when they really didn’t, anyway?. finally, he’s a very forgiving person, and will almost always forgive someone if they prove that they have bettered theirself, because neoger did that for him and he truly looks up to neoger.

Ancestor: The Orthodox

Lusus/Sprite: weird bat creature, sprite is of a weird plasma lamp

Blood Color: dark bronze

Attire: black shoes, standard shirt, black pants, black jacket with dark brown hood

Psychic Powers/Chuckle-Voodoos: he’s able to tell when someone is lying, as in not being able to automatically know the truth, just knowing that whatever the person is telling them is not the truth if they’re lying
he's dead lol

Kivuri Impiko by Tazira
Kivuri Impiko
for HomestuckHivebentRP group

Name: kivuri impiko (kivuri from ‘kivanc’ [turkish] and ‘kiburi’ [swahili], both meaning ‘pride’. impiko from one of the long-ass zulu words for dragon)

Age: 7 sweeps

Gender: female

Dream Self: prospit

Title: maid of breath

Trollian Handle: gratifiedTarragon

Typing Style: caps adj and adv

Sign/Symbol: draco

Strife Specibus: fistkind

Fetch Modus: fierybreathmodus (breathes on modus causing dust particles to fly off, assembling into the item. the bigger the item, the more breath, the heavier the harder the breath)

Planet: land of rugs and rubbish

Likes: praise, perfection, spicy foods, clouds, being the center of attention ferran lol

Dislikes: the cold, making mistakes, being the follower, bright lights, being equally matched

History: ever since a young age, she'd wanted to be as strong as highbloods. this is because of the tv shows she used to watch. highbloods in these shows were portrayed as very noble and thought of very highly. her lusus wanted to help her achieve these goals, and was a tough trainer, while also not being so tough as to cause her to be bitter. this is how she is very skilled in hand-to-hand contact. when toront took over and ordered the enslavement of lowbloods, these aspirations showed through and she joined the side of the highbloods, capturing lowbloods and bringing them to the holding cells, even being part of a sort of hunting crew.

   once she finally thought she had achieved her goal, however, her 'crew' turned on her, attempting to turn her into a slave. her sweeps of training payed off here too, and she escaped them. her and her lusus fled, and took refuge in a nearby library; it was long abandonded and had plenty of places for strategic movement. this is where she finds the disc for sgrub, and where she decides to play it.

Personality: kivuri is very brave and is proud of herself for it. she shows this pride very blatantly, with confidence oozing from her fighting spirit. however, she can be reckless, getting into hot water every now and then. she is very stubborn and hates being wrong. these two traits don't make for a good combination, because if she IS wrong, she won't admit it, she wont talk about it, and she'll pretend it never happened. after all, those who are wrong aren't noble, right? she's come way too far to lose it over a mistake; she wont let her pride slip through her fingers that easily.

she is a perfectionist; nothing she does that’s short of perfect isn’t good enough for her, and she’ll work as hard as it takes to reach the deemed perfection and her mistakes haunt her harshly. during these periods, as she tries hard to push it under the rug, she ends up beating herself up. like actually beating herself up. she ends up hitting herself, sometimes even leaving bruises.

Ancestor: The Reckless

Lusus/Sprite: weird-ass wyvern

Blood Color: olive

Attire: very simple; standard shirt and olive pants. black shoes.

Psychic Powers/Chuckle-Voodoos: none

Sibanu by Tazira
hair from mspoffin ( )

for HomestuckHivebentRP group, WIP

Name: sibanu somela (sibanu- corruption of anubis. somela- from canis mesomelas, sci name for black-backed jackal)- she likes the weird ass nickname ‘bane’ because she thinks her full name is like way too weird

Age: 7 she’s an old fart

Gender: female

Dream Self: derse

Title: knight of heart

Trollian Handle: crystallizedResign

Typing Style: replaces a with @ because it looks like a snowy bluster :B

Sign/Symbol: anubis

Strife Specibus: khopeshkind

Fetch Modus: wrapmodus- wraps up the object to captchalogue, then it’s a matter of remembering which one’s which, without writing on the wrapping.

Planet: land of ruins and fracture


  • things in predictable patterns, symmetry

  • optimism. like she rlly loves optimism.

  • company

  • spectrums. she really likes spectrums.

  • she actually likes the idea behind the hemospectrum, and thinks highbloods do deserve quicker right to important governmental roles because they live longer and are overall just harder to get dead- she just hates how there are a good amount of snobs

  • conversation

  • likes ice and salt crystals


  • disruptions in patterns

  • unnecessary drama

  • she HHAAAAAAAAATES people who are ridiculously greedy

  • death. like of anything. even plants.



  • her lusus snatched her up almost immediately after she finished those weird babby trials</i> hatched, I just realize she would have been killed in the babby trials lmao

  • her lusus kept her inside until she was able to fully comprehend situations- from that time, lusus had taught her she was to identify as yellow to keep her safe

  • lusus taught her to obey- don’t question laws. this caused her to grow up pretty loyal to the hemospectrum, holding higher bloods above herself.

  • her lusus was killed for sport by some assholes

  • she still did as her lusus had taught her even after it had died

  • she made a little effigy/shrine thing to commemorate her lusus

  • she began recording things in a sort of journal of hers

  • when her lusus died she sort of like vowed to help innocent people when they’re in danger

  • her horn was chipped in a fight to stand up for someone

  • she gained an interest for crystals, specifically ice and salt, over time


  • very observant of surroundings

  • isn’t an asshole but sometimes unintentionally rude

  • doesn’t really fool around

  • doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to telling someone something

  • stands up for people gettin fucked up that she doesn’t believe should get fucked up

  • she isn’t fun at parties

  • she ‘s really fuickin weird for a troll

  • doesn’t cus often

  • she is nAIVE!

  • no she is incredibly fucking weird for a troll she doesn’t have many friends because of this

  • she doesn’t care, as long as people aren’t constantly assholes to her

Ancestor: the Forsaken

Lusus/Sprite: anthro jackal creature like anubis but is more like a jackal furry. sprite is a gear mouse, the one she still has from hiinoe :^)

Blood Color: lime, identifies as yellow

Attire: black tank-top with symbol on it

Psychic Powers/Chuckle-Voodoos: ergokinesis, she can faintly sense energy (it’s not too big tho) and like blast people with energy.

Choose 10 of your favourite characters/OCs/Friends/Celebrites/other.

tfw u run out of cahracters and start using pokemon
1: kivuri impiko
2: cyesca raicyo
3: umbril adwunn
4: riones osutro
5: crotal senbam
6: kaine mjori
7: civerra of the peebis empire (boy do I love spore )
8: iSalsa (legendary krookodile of mine)
9: fucking lavender (magic bounce espeon that has pissed off entire nations)

1: [4(riones)] finds a time machine! What time period do they visit?!
back approximately mmm 70 million years to meet his people

2: [2(cyesca)] falls in love with [9(fucking lavender)], but knows that [9(lav)] is dating [6(kaine)]. What happens?
that sounds like some weird af furry shit

3: [1(kivuri)] wakes up in [3(umbril)]'s house with no memory of how they got there.
r e v e n g e of the f a l l e n

4: [7(civerra)] receives a love note from [5(crotal)]. What does it say? How does [7(civ)] react?
[the sound of casual nuclear bombs]

5: [10(blazen)] and [6(kaine)] get married!
more weird af furry shit I am so sorry

6: [2(cyesca)] and [5(crotal)] are stuck on a deserted island. Who survives longest?
neither they're a fuckin tagteam??

7: [9(lavender)] beats up [3(umbril)]. Why?
because that's how I trained that fucker no mercy bitches

8: [8(iSalsa)] murders [4(riones)] and [10(blazen)] takes the blame.
y did u think iSalsa was legendary my frtiend 8^)

9: ZOMBIES! How does [7(civerra)] react?
[casual mega pulse] skedarrabag!

10: [2(cyesca)] traps [1(kivuri)] in a hole.
this would like actually happen. like legit. it would happen and to be honest probably will.

11: [6(kaine)] is captured by [3(umbril)]. How does [10(blazen)] react?
?????????? blazen does not care.

12: [7(civerra)] and [9(fucking lavender)] go on a holiday. Where?

13: [5(crotal)], [1(kivuri)] and [3(umbril)] are cursed. What happens to them?
crotal loses his medical knowledge
kivuri becomes a fucking rat (haha get it she lives in trash!)
umbril remains the same as he is dead and lonely 8^)

14: [2(cyesca)] and [4(riones)] visit a haunted house.
4 dead, 11 wounded, 19 others missing
riones becomes barbecue

15: [9(fucking lavender)] is genderswapped. Describe [8(iSalsa)]'s reaction.

16:  [2(cyesca)] throws a surprise party for [6(kaine)].
involves shitty christmas lights and like a fancy fish meal

17: THE END! Tag someone or describe what [5(crotal)]'s reaction to this entire meme is.


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